CUNY Explores Student in the classroom

CUNY Explorers

It's time to just do it. Come to our college to see and learn what college is all about and what we at the college can do for your future.

Come on our organized tours, where you will  have a chance to visit (1) York College's campus radio station and have the opportunity to be the in-house radio personality of the day, (2) York's nursing department and go on a tour with a future nurse student who will demonstrate some medical practices, (3) NCAA college athletes who will guide you around York's athletic facility while giving advice on how to become a well-rounded student-athlete, and (4) York's Aviation Robotics Room to try out York's flight simulator.


The City University of New York (CUNY) Explorers mission is to bring middle school students to the college campus in order to promote success in high school, college, and life. Through age-appropriate visits, the program reinforces the message that all students can go to college, college is affordable, and students can take steps now to achieve their college goals.


  1. Provide middle school students with the opportunity to visit sites around the campus that are of interest based on the college’s academic offerings and student-centered activities.
  2. Provide students with a quality pre-college experience.
  3. Provide opportunities for parents, care-takers and adult family members of middle school students to learn about college.
  4. Provide professional development opportunities about college readiness to middle school teachers and administrators.
  5. Maximize student success by collaborating with internal and external stakeholders.