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Domestic Violence Town Hall Meeting

Dr. Rodgers has served as the Associate Vice President for Safe Horizon’s (formerly Victim Services) Queens Community and Criminal Justice Programs, one of the nation’s leading and largest crime victim assistance and advocacy organization in the country.

Professor Rodgers' scholarship on domestic violence appears in, Domestic Violence: Intersectionality and Culturally Competent Practice (edited by L. Lockhart and F. Danis in 2010) and Interpersonal Violence in the African-American Community: Evidence-based Prevention and Treatment Practices (edited by R.L. Hampton and T.P. Gullotta in 2006).


October 21st Domestic Violence Town Hall Meeting

  • Dr. Ron Daniels, Distinguished Lecturer, Behavioral Sciences, Moderator
  • Dr. Donna Chirico - Acting Dean of School of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Selena Rodgers - Social Work
  • Dr. Kathariya Mokrue - Behavioral Sciences
  • Ms. Tanya McLeod - Manager of Community Organizing for Voices of Women (V.O.W.)
  • Ms. Madeline McCray - Actress/Author/Life Coach/Inspirational Speaker
  • Ms. Terrie M. Williams - Author/Clinical Therapist/Activist

Sponsored by the York College Women's Center and the Men's Center in conjunction with the Student Government Association.