Course   Title 
SOC101 Introductory Sociology
SOC201 Sociological Analysis
SOC202 Major Ideas and Issues in Education
SOC220 Social Research I
SOC226 Survey Research I: Planning and Design of Research
SOC227 Survey Research II: Data Collection, Processing and Analysis
SOC231 Sociology of Small Groups
SOC235 Ethnicity
SOC236 Sociology of Aging
SOC238 Industrial Sociology
SOC239 Sociology of Work
SOC243 Sociology of Leisure
SOC245 Medical Sociology
SOC247 Family and Kinship
SOC252 Social Problems
SOC255 Deviance and Social Control
SOC271 Sociology of Education
SOC289 Urban Sociology
SOC290 Field Work and Research
SOC291 Field Work and Research
SOC292 Field Work and Research
SOC312 Sociological Theory
SOC314 Social Structure and Personality
SOC321 Social Research Methods II
SOC325 Field Research Practicum
SOC333 Social Stratification
SOC334 Complex Organizations
SOC338 Sociology of Gender and Sexuality
SOC341 Political Sociology
SOC342 Sociology of Higher Education
SOC344 Sociology of Religion
SOC346 Selected Topics in Social Institutions
SOC347 Selected Topics in Social Institutions
SOC348 Selected Topics in Social Institutions
SOC351 Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis
SOC354 Criminal Justice Administration
SOC364 Social Change
SOC365 Collective Behavior
SOC366 Sociology of Modernization and Development
SOC381 Population Problems
SOC390 Field Work and Research
SOC391 Field Work and Research
SOC392 Field Work and Research
SOC401 Seminar: Advanced Topics in Sociology
SOC402 Seminar: Advanced Topics in Sociology
SOC403 Seminar: Advanced Topics in Sociology
SOC411 Sociology of Knowledge
SOC412 Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Sociological Theory
SOC490 Independent Reading in Sociology

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