Student Government

Student leadership is an important part of social and academic life at York College.
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The York College Student Government Association (SGA) is comprised of elected student leaders that represent and advocate for the entire student body. These SGA Senators and Officers meet and discuss critical academic and social issues that impact students at large.

Students interested in running for an SGA position must have a minimum GPA of 2.3, with the exception of students interested in running for SGA President, in which case a minimum GPA of 2.75 is required. SGA senators serve on many committees that affect the campus environment, including the York College Faculty/Student Senate, York College Association, Auxiliary Enterprises, and the Curriculum Committee. Members of Student Government also participate in a leadership training conference, where they learn skills and techniques that help them become better leaders. 

For additional information on SGA elections, visit the Office of Student Activities in Room 1E01.

Student Government is located in Room 1G04 of the Academic Core Building.

The 2014-2015 York College Student Government Association:


Name Title Room Contact Number Email Office Hours
Shaikh Al Amin President 1G04D (347) 840-4029 Monday-Thursday (Walk-ins & Appt. only)
Gesmen Begum Vice President, Day 1G04E (718) 300-7236 Monday-Thursday (Walk-ins & Appt. only)
Samad Newaz Vice President, Evening/Weekend 1G04H (347) 932-0482 Monday-Thursday (Walk-ins & Appt. only)
Haroon Hasan Club Council President 1G04C (212) 380-6100 Monday-Thursday (Walk-ins & Appt. only)
Fahad Azad Student Programming Council 1G04C (347) 484-1967 Monday-Thursday (Walk-ins & Appt. only)
Dupah Gobin Executive Director 1G04E (845) 270-0429 Monday-Thursday (Walk-ins & Appt. only)
Ahmed Adam Treasurer 1G04A (347) 608-4835 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Hadiatou Sow Recording Secretary 1G04J (347) 984-4888 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Thinley Wongmo Correspondence Secretary 1G04J (347) 285-2316 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)

University Student Senate Delegates

Name Title Room Contact Number Email Office Hours
Salim Gnabode University Student Senate Delegate 1 1G04H (917) 306-8280 Monday-Thursday (Walk-ins & Appt. only)
Hripsime Petrosyan University Student Senate Delegate 2 1G04A (516) 225-8430

Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)

Shaikh Al Amin University Student Senate Alternate 1G04D (347) 840-4029 Monday-Thursday (Walk-ins & Appt. only)


Name Title Room Contact Number Email Office Hours
Abbas Nazir Senator 1G04F (347) 337-2243 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Ali Chaalan Senator 1G04F (347) 938-2936 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Alisher Mukhamedov Senator 1G04F (347) 653-5658 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Asad Khan Senator 1G04F (347) 740-0826 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Ashnique Gumbs Senator 1G04F (347) 779-6210 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Christina Rivera Senator 1G04F (917) 680-6946 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Gabriela Torres Senator 1G04F (347) 238-6405 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Hooria Harmain Senator 1G04F (347) 441-9152 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Jannatul Tazrin Senator 1G04F (347) 873-8364 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Kakia Hakim Senator 1G04F (718) 749-4093 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Lakeram Bisnauth Senator 1G04F (917) 773-4867 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Mariela Delacruz Senator 1G04F (347) 461-6531 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Meem Mahbub Senator 1G04F (347) 420-5157 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Mohamed DeCunha Senator 1G04F (347) 304-5143 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Mohanned Sattar Senator 1G04F (646) 657-4137 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Muhaned Mohamed Senator 1G04F (718) 612-1379 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Nisim Azizan Senator 1G04F (347) 985-4200 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Noor Aziz Senator 1G04F (570) 730-0760 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Shohana Rahman Senator 1G04F (347) 285-4562 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)
Tuhfatul Hipsha Senator 1G04F (347) 553-7426 Tuesday, Thursday (12-2 PM)

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