Student Government

Student leadership is an important part of social and academic life at York College.
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Student leadership is an important part of the social and academic life at York College.  York College Student Government Association (SGA) is the group of student leaders that represent and advocate for the entire student body.  These SGA Senators and Officers meet and discuss critical issues that impact students from an academic and social standpoint. Students interested in running for a position in SGA must have a minimum 2.3 GPA, except for the position of President who must have a 2.75 GPA.  SGA senators serve on many committees, including the York College Faculty/Student Senate, York College Association, Auxiliary Enterprises, the Curriculum Committee and various other committees that affect the campus environment. Members of Student Government also participate in a leadership training conference, where they are taught skills and techniques that help them become better leaders.  For additional information on the SGA elections, visit the Office of Student Activities in Room 1E01.

Student Government is located in Room 1G04 of the Academic Core Building.

The 2013 - 2014 York College

Student Government Association:


Name Title email Office Hours
Shaikh A. Amin President Tuesday 12-2 pm
Nasrin Sultana Vice President, Day Tuesday 12-2 pm
Jesmin Bhuyan Vice President, Evening/Weekend Jesmin Tuesday 12-2 pm
Ahmed Adan Treasurer Tuesday 12-2 pm
Gayatri Charran Executive Director Tuesday 12-2 pm
Jamila Abdulhusein Student Programming Council President Tuesday 12-2 pm
Haroon Hasan Club Council President Tuesday 12-2 pm
Aclema Salima Correspondence Secretary Tuesday 2-3 pm, Wednesday 12-2 pm
Charlene Williams Recording Secretary- Math & CS representativ Tuesday 12-2pm
Matthew Wilson Parliamentarian Tuesday 12-2 pm

University Student Senate Delegates

Name Title email Office Hours
Jannatul Tazrin University Student Senate Delegate 1 Tuesday 2-3 pm
Shohana Rahman University Student Senate Delegate 2

Monday 1-2 pm and 4-6 pm, Tuesday 1-4 pm, Wednesday 1-3 pm

Shaikh Al Amin University Student Senate Vice-Chairperson Tuesday 12-3 pm
Shabab Ali University Student Senate Alternate  - Med tech representative Tuesday 12-2pm


Name Title email Office Hours
Abraham Monis George Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
Assietou Atchiba Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
Akash Ramkishun Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
Ashley Lateef Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
Bibi Alli Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
Dauren Antoine Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
Ezazul Haque Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
Ezekiel Persad Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
Fahad Azad Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
Hilma Krla De Souza Senator/ IT Tuesday 12-2pm
Lenard Angelo San Miguel Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
MD Zahan Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
Mohamed Decunha Senator Tuesday 2-3pm, Wednesday 12-2 pm
Muhaned Mohamed Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
Raquel Nicholson Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
Sabrina Nieves Senator Tuesday 12-2pm
Samual Chowdhury Senator Samual Tuesday 12-2pm

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