Faculty / Staff

All general inquiries about the Occupational Therapy program should be directed to 718-262-2720 or ot@york.cuny.edu. You may also use the "Contact OT" section of the department's website to submit an inquiry.

Department Chair

Kaplan, Lillian
Associate Professor
O: AC-1E12G
Prior to my faculty appointment, I was director of OT services at Lamm Institute for Child Neurology treating neurologically impaired children as an occupational therapist (OT). OT treatment emphasizes learning skills that are impacted by developmental and neurological disorders to enable improved participation in home, school, and social environments. My research investigates differences in learning complex motor skills through the life span in typical and disordered populations. I explore attention as it affects complex task performance from both a developmental and neuropsychological perspective. I teach courses in neuroanatomy, cognitive neuroscience, activity analysis / motor learning , pediatric treatment, and advise research projects. I hold a recently completed PhD in neuropsychology. My dissertation examined attention processes that decline in patients with Alzheimer disease and how these declines effect every day function.

Full-Time Faculty

Auriemma, Donald
Associate Professor
O: AC-1C09

Avi-Itzhak, Tamara
Associate Professor
O: AC-1E12

Program/educational outcomes assessment- my expertise includes formative and summative assessments of educational outcomes (learning and teaching) as well as program outcomes (effectiveness in obtaining goals and objectives).
Psychometric properties evaluation- my expertise includes assessment of reliability (interrater and inter consistency reliability) and validity (construct and concurrent validity) in professional screening and assessment tools.
Statistics and methodology -my expertise includes issues related to statistical procedures and research design. My expertise areas are reflected in my publications and presentations and international conferences as well in the ongoing outcomes evaluation that I perform in the OT department. 

Faust, Sharon
Associate Professor
O: AC-1E12-C

Experience includes over ten years of teaching the psychosocial component of the occupational therapy curriculum at York College. I also have over 25 years of experience as a Licensed Occupational Therapist in the area of Mental Health which includes the provision of direct services for adults, organizing and directing a clinical training program for occupational therapy students, and the clinical supervision of occupational therapy practitioners.

Henry, Elise
O: AC-1E12E
Elise Henry was a Department of Education loan-ship recipient while attending Columbia University where she received her Masters in Occupational Therapy and Masters in Public Health. She joined the York College occupational therapy department as a Clinical Professor and Academic Fieldwork Coordinator after almost 20 years as a pediatric occupational therapist. Over the years she worked in various settings such as schools, hospitals and private clinics. Prior to joining the faculty at York College she provided workshops/lectures to schools and other practitioners on the implementation of the sensory integration approach in the classroom and the home. Her professional career outside of academia includes clinical supervision of new occupational therapists and teaching crafts to adults.

Horowitz, Beverly
Associate Professor
O: AC-1E12
Dr. Horowitz received her BA from Stony Brook University, her MS in Occupational Therapy from Columbia University, and her PhD from the Graduate School of Social Service of Fordham University, with a concentration in Gerontology. She is a New York State licensed occupational therapist and social worker, is Board certified by the American Occupational Therapy Association as an occupational therapist specializing in gerontology, and is a certified professional geriatric care manager. Dr. Horowitz is a Fellow of both the American Occupational Therapy Association and the Gerontological Society of America.

Krauss, Andrea
Associate Professor
O: AC-1E12D

Andrea Krauss has been a pediatric clinician for over 25 years and involved in OT education for over 20 years. She was a professor in the Occupational Therapy Department at Touro College for 11 years and Co-Chair for 5 years before beginning at York College CUNY in spring 2003. At Touro College Dr. Krauss developed a cross discipline early intervention program that was approved by New York State, taught courses as: Pediatric Occupational Therapy, School Based Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration, Growth and Development through the Life-span. In addition she served as Chairperson for over 20 graduate thesis research projects.

Professor Emeriti

Part-Time Faculty

College Laboratory Technician

 Saby, Robert, College Laboratory Technician


 Pizarro, Elizabeth, CUNY Office Assistant