School of Business and Information Systems

Welcome To Our New Business Students.

It is my pleasure to welcome all of you to our newly-formed School of Business and Information Systems. This is an exciting time to study Business at York College. The formation of the school prompts us to do a thorough review of our on-going activities, recruit several talented new faculty, and take the necessary steps toward full accreditation.
For you, this means that you will receive a first rate education in whichever specialty you choose; one that is comparable to other highly-regarded business schools.

Best wishes,

Alfred Ntoko

Dean of the School of Business and Information Systems

The School of Business and Information Systems introduces students to all of the fundamental business disciplines, then allows them a wide range of choices when selecting their major field of study.

These major fields include Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, and Business Information Systems.  The School also offers a unique program in Aviation Management.  The School’s faculty are drawn from the above disciplines, and represent a blend of academic preparation and managerial experience.

The School’s goal is to provide New York with a cadre of technically prepared, practically grounded, and ethically aware young people, who will in time, assume leadership positions in the city’s businesses and industries.

The aims of the School include:

  • To graduate students who are not only skilled in business disciplines, but also broadly educated in the traditional liberal arts and sciences;
  • To contribute to the ever-growing body of research in business disciplines that seeks to identify best practices;
  • To contribute to the vibrant business community in the Borough of Queens, and throughout New York City.
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