Review Examination II (Spring 2007)

Geometric Structures, Mathematics 244 (Part II)

prepared by:

Joseph Malkevitch
Department of Mathematics and Computing
York College (CUNY)
Jamaica, New York 11451

1. For each of the polygons below:

a. List all of the ears.

b. Find the visibility polygons of vertices 1 and 4.

c. Find the minimum number of guards to guard the polygon.

d. Triangulate the polygon in two different ways, and find the smallest guard set associated with a 3-coloring of the triangulated graph. How do these guard sets compare in size with a minimum size guard set?

e. List all of the reflex vertices of each polygon.

f. How many vertices does the convex hull of each of these polygons have?

g. What is the difference between visibility and clear visibility?

h. How many edges must be added to the polygon to triangulate it?

i. How many triangles are there in the triangulation?

j. What is the angle sum of the interior angles of the polygon?

k. Find the smallest number of convex pieces that you can decompose the polygon into.

l. Which vertices can one see from vertex 4 and vertex 5?

m Which vertices are clearly visible from vertex 5? From vertex 0?

n. Can you find a polygon P with the property that the minimum number of vertex guards for P is 2 but no triangulation of P which when 3 colored enables one to find a color set where 2 guards see all of the polygon?