Writing Project 1 (Fall, 2004)

Liberal Studies 400 (Fairness and Equity)

Joseph Malkevitch
Mathematics and Computing Department
York College (CUNY)
Jamaica, New York 11451-0001



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Fairness and Equity

a. Write an essay (hand written or typed are both acceptable) of ≥ 500 words which consists of your account and analysis of a newspaper, web based, or magazine article which raises an issue of fairness or equity having something to do with voting. (As much as possible try to relate the situation you discuss to ideas which have been raised in class.) Hand in a copy of the article on which your discussion is based.

b. You can also use a fairness and equity situation of your own inventing (with advance permission) if you prefer.

Due Date:

by October 29, 2004 (Friday)


a. Regard this as a first draft and we will work together towards improving the first draft.

b. Do not fail to attend on October 29 without having already handed the paper in or contacting me about its status. I would rather have it late than that you cut class to avoid turning it in.