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Underwriting Sponsorship

What Is Underwriting?

Underwriting is a way that permits non-commercial radio stations, such as YCRadio, to receive funding through means of community sponsorship.  Although non-commercial stations are not allowed to sell time for advertising, they are permitted to offer themselves for sponsorship in exchange for financial assistance to help keep their programming on the air.  Basically, underwriting is for groups created not just for entertainment purposes, but to serve as a resource to the community, as well.

What Can Underwriting Do For Your Business?

Sponsoring YCRadio will give your business a unique opportunity.  Rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for commercial advertisement, your business can be exposed to the non-commercial airwaves, and thus become more accessible to more people, for far less cost, and your business will be represented in a noncompetitive, equal promotional manner on YCRadio airtime.

Underwriting Guidelines

As stated above, although YCRadio, as a noncommercial station, is not allowed to sell time for advertising, we are allowed to sell time for underwriting purposes.  As an underwriter, rather than an advertiser, you are associated with the station or a particular program or format as a supporter or sponsor.  Essentially, underwriting is financial support for YCRadio, in exchange for mentioning and creating awareness of business sponsors on the air.  However, the following restrictions and regulations do apply:

  • No qualitative or comparative language, the language must be "value neutral"; there can be no language that "distinguishes the underwriter from its competitors" or even "seeks to cast its products in a favorable light".
  • Even if a statement made about an underwriter is factually true, it is not permissible if it is also promotional.
  • Reasonably short in length; spots longer than 30 seconds are likely to be scrutinized for promotional content.
  • No “calls to action” (“call today, come by”), first person (“I urge you…”), or second person (“You can stop by…”) statements in the spot.
  • Passive identifiers are OK (what, when, where, etc.), but no location of business using another business as a reference is allowed (“located next to or near by…”).
  • No mention of special sales or discount offers.
  • No mention of number of years in business (“Serving the community for over 20 years…”
  • Spots cannot include contests or giveaways, but contests or giveaways can be done separately in a distinct non-spot break in the program.
  • No background music.

The following may be used and acknowledged in an underwriting spot:

  • Telephone number, email address, website, and location of business or area served.
  • Days of operation.
  • A listing of up to three items, products, or services.
  • Product origin.
  • Intended use of product.
  • Product content.
  • Form of delivery or method of preparation.

Keep announcements at a maximum of 30 seconds in length.

Standard Opening Line: "YCRadio would like to thank (your business) for their support."

Standard Closing Line: "More information is available at {phone number} or online at {web address}" or "The phone number for more information is..."

Terms & Conditions:

  • All underwriting is subject to YCRadio General Manager/Underwriting Director approval.
  • Underwriting that is in any way considered by YCRadio to be inappropriate, offensive, or controversial will not be accepted.
  • In accepting sponsorship, YCRadio provides no guarantees that such advertising will result in revenues for the sponsor.
  • Payment is accepted in US dollars only.
  • Payment must be received before any on-air underwriting advertising takes place.

Prospective Sponsors

Interested in becoming an underwriting sponsor for YCRadio?  Please fill out our Underwriting Sponsor Application Form, and mail the application with a check to the following address:

C/O YCRadio
Room 1G06G
York College/CUNY
94-20 Guy R. Brewer Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11451

If you have any further questions regarding Underwriting Sponsorship, please contact us at:

Phone: (718) 262-5293

Email: ycradio@york.cuny.edu

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