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Staff/Host Application

York College Radio is staff managed and student driven. We encourage students to take full advantage of the radio station.

Interested in radio broadcasting? Want to express yourself through a creative outlet? Want to have your voice heard? As a York College Student, volunteer to be a member and learn what goes on in front and behind the scenes at York College Radio Station. Bring your ideas and passion by joining a team of your peers to see your vision realized. Volunteering experience also looks good on your resume., "The Voice Of Todays Generation!"

Where Do You See Yourself?

  1. On-Air announcers for a variety of music, sports, news, public service announcements, and other talk radio programs
  2. Programming
  3. Marketing
  4. News
  5. Sports
  6. Entertainment
  7. Visual Arts/Web Design
  8. DJ's with a passion to think outside the box
  9. Social Media/Blogging

Just to name a few.

What Is Expected Of You?

The 20 Point System

Students are encouraged to host their own shows or you can learn how to engineer shows. However, before you can host a show, all interested students must follow the 20 point system. The 20 point system is necessary because it helps staff determine if the student is a good fit for the radio station. The 20 point system also gives new members of York College Radio an opportunity to observe and ask questions to staff or an experienced member of

The 20 point system requires future members to volunteer at York College Radio Station by completing a variety of different tasks, building points. The amount of time put in towards the operations of YCRadio determines the number of points received. When a student completes his/her required 20 points they become eligible for creating their own show if they desire. During the points process, a new member must sit down with a staff member various times to start formulating ideas for your own show.

It would be helpful for the new volunteers to assist the host with the preparation of the hosts shows such as gathering information, co-hosting, social-media support and other reasonable requests made by either management or the host, but not mandatory.

Current and future members must also help with York College related events that YCRadio partners with such as Club Fairs, Student Orientation and more. The 20 Point System is waived for Faculty members.

Please see our Station Structure section for more information on each specific department's responsibilities.

How Do You Get Involved?

Please fill out the following application form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


If you have any questions regarding the station, and/or the application, please contact us at:

Suite: 1G06G
Phone: (718) 262-5293

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