Faculty Seminar

The Writing Across The Curriculum program hosts the WAC Faculty Seminar every semester, providing professional development opportunities for York College faculty members who are teaching or are interested in teaching Writing Intensive courses.

Faculty Seminar

The York College Writing Across The Curriculum Faculty Seminar brings together faculty members across different departments at York College to 1) develop best-practice pedagogical techniques for writing intensive (WI) classes at York College; 2) to promote a culture of writing pedagogy within related disciplines; and 3) to promote the latest research in WAC pedagogy in order to improve student outcomes in WI classes.

Beginning in Fall 2020, the WAC Faculty Seminar will be launched as a hybrid affair! Faculty participants will meet together face-to-face at the beginning and at the end of the program; most of Seminar will be conducted online via Blackboard.

At the conclusion of the two-semester seminar program, participants will:

  • Develop a new or revised syllabus for a WI course, incorporating best-practice WAC strategies;
  • Collaborate with fellow participants to create and develop WI course activities designed to improve writing-related course outcomes;
  • Apply WAC pedagogical principles in creating a Portfolio, which includes 1) a sample WI syllabus for a course to be taught during the second semester, and 2) examples of learning activities (e.g. a lesson plan, scaffolded writing assignments) related to WAC pedagogy.
  • Teach the WI course in the subsequent semester, work with a writing fellow to implement WAC pedagogy in practice, and share their experience with the next cohort of participants.
  • Receive a certificate of completion of the WAC Faculty Seminar at York College!

Full-time faculty participants who successfully complete the WAC Faculty Seminar will receive a total of three hours of reassigned time in order to participate in the Seminar:

  • For first semester, two hours of reassigned time will be added to the faculty participant’s course load;
  • Upon for successful completion of the required Portfolio, one more hour of reassigned time will be added to the faculty member’s course load.

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming WAC Faculty Seminar, please submit your application by using the form below. Priority will be given to faculty who have not yet received reassigned time or stipends for their participation in a WAC professional development program at York College.

Deadline to apply for the Fall 2020 WAC Faculty Seminar: May 1, 2020