The WAC program at York College would like to acknowledge the entire York College faculty who have participated in WAC seminars and those who have agreed to share their classroom assignments with us for this handbook. We would also like to acknowledge, in alphabetical order, the following individuals for their past and current support of the program and efforts in creating this and previous versions of the Handbook: Donna Chirico, Michael Cripps, Conrad Dyer, Sharon Faust, Elyane Feldstein, Cynthia Haller, Carolyn Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Meddeb, Howard Ruttenberg, Michael Southwell, Debra Swoboda, and Margaret Vendryes.

This guide is a revised version of the Fall 2007 handbook, Writing in General Education: A Handbook for Faculty. It was revised in the Fall of 2009 by CUNY Writing Fellows Maria Biskup, Angela Ridinger-Dotterman, and Naaborle Sackeyfio. Additional sample assignments were contributed by Professors Conrad Dyer, Sharon Faust, Laura Fishman, and Xiadan Zhang