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WAC Fellows

Information about the CUNY Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Fellows

The CUNY WAC Fellows (Coordinators/Fellows) are an indispensable element in the effort to build a University-wide WAC program. Writing Fellows are assigned to each campus, where they spend one-year term assisting in the implementation and expansion of WAC efforts. Advanced graduate students in a  wide range of disciplines, the WAC Fellows also have been adjunct faculty members and almost always they are prospective college instructors themselves.

The WAC Fellows are emissaries of the WAC program, working with faculty members on an individual basis to design effective writing activities appropriate to the instructor's discipline and approach. In Writing Intensive (WI) courses, a WAC Fellow is generally assigned to work with a faculty partner throughout the semester. Fellows might attend classes, meet with professors to develop exercise and materials, or become an additional resource in the classroom by offering a mini-lecture or workshop on writing within the context of the course.

The WAC Fellows are well prepared to assist faculty members who are interested in learning more about WAC approaches and how they can adopt these in their courses and programs. A listing of some recent WAC Fellow activities provides an example of the scope of the Fellows' services:

  • Working with individual faculty members one on one
  • Helping run Faculty Development workshops for faculty members currently teaching WI courses and for those preparing to teach one in the future
  • offering mini-workshops within the context of a particular WI course

If you are interested in consulting with a WAC Fellow, or just want to learn more, contact Professor Jonathan Hall, the WAC Coordinator.