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Due to the risks associated with large number of student participation under the current threat of Global Pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, we are cancelling the 11th Annual Undergraduate Research Day Event originally scheduled for Thursday April 30, 2020.

Federal Work Study-Student Researcher/Lab Assistant

The Office of Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce new positions in Federal Work Study program, as Student Researcher/Lab Assistant.

This wonderful opportunity is available for all students eligible for Federal Work Study as determined by Financial Aid and FAFSA. Students can get hands-on experience doing research or working in a laboratory and be paid on an hourly basis. For anyone who is interested in this wonderful opportunity, please contact Rudy or Tara in the Office of Undergraduate Research in Room AC-3E07b or by email:

Job Summary

Under direction of a faculty member, student lab assistants would perform a variety of basic and general laboratory and/or academic research; perform routine tasks in a research environment and clerical tasks determined by the field and scope of the particular research study.  Dispense supplies to laboratories, clean glassware, maintain inventory, perform assays, set up and conduct experiences. Assistants may also perform tasks related to the research project independently, within broad guidelines and subject to periodic review by supervisor or other research staff.  Relevant coursework as well as knowledge of lab equipment and procedures may be required.

Typical Duties Under the direction of Primary Investigator (PI).

  • Process, organize and summarize data, reporting experiment results using a variety of scientific, word processing, spreadsheet or statistical software applications or program platforms;
  • Assist in the design of laboratory experiments, techniques, and protocols;
  • Perform related laboratory maintenance such as maintaining and cleaning equipment and ordering supplies
  • May perform routine logging and testing of samples
  • May process orders or invoices, or undertake other clerical and simple accounting duties

Working Conditions:  Assistants may be required to; lift, move and transport related laboratory equipment, work with a variety of hazardous materials and/or work with/handle animals.


Undergraduate Research

Ratan Dhar

Zahra Alkaifi
Office Coordinator

Academic Core 3E07B

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