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Student Support Services, Student Development

Keila I. Ottero

TRIO Success Story

I am a Senior majoring in Journalism in hopes of becoming an author or radio broadcast personality for the Latino/Spanish speaking community. I am a proud TRiO YES (York Enrichment Services) student. They have been a major help and support system to me since I transferred back in 2015. Trust I needed a good kick in the rear. Don't fear they do it with love and a lot of attention to us. I'm an avid procrastinator along with a minor case of testing anxiety, which through the semesters here at York they have helped me with a lot with their time management workshops or test prep workshops. The monthly check-ins with our advisors and/or program directors is a major help, therapeutic, and develops a trust which college students need.

They have helped me in growing in the radio world as I had the pleasure of being the voice and promoter for the TRIO SSS/YES family on YC Radio. Believe me when I say they want nothing but the best for their students, not only for their time here at York but to prepare them for the world after graduation. I for one want to do my Masters in either Journalism or Creative Writing and we have an amazing Graduate Advisor and Guide to help us decide what can/ should be done. To that and many other things I say THANK YOU to the staff of the Trio YES for being a major instrument in my undergrad years. Also being an extra push into fighting for my rights and accommodations as a student of disabilities, thanks to you guys I want to be an advocate of many students to come through our offices here at York and all CUNY wide.