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Student Support Services, Student Development

Stephane Labossiere

SSS/Career Services Profile

Trio Student Support Services (SSS) student Stephane Labossiere cannot say enough about the services provided by the program. “SSS has helped me tremendously in terms of the support that I received since the time I arrived at York. I was able to get tutoring for the subjects I needed, I received books that I could not afford and I got invaluable advice from my counselors. I would highly recommend any student to join SSS because this program has contributed to the successful student that I am today.”

The Career Services Center at York has helped Mr. Labossiere to become a Thurgood Marshall Scholar and a York College Student Ambassador. He is thankful to all the Career Services staff members who believed that he could be successful. “I also recommend York students, regardless of majors or classification, to take advantage of the services that the center has to offer. The most important advice that I would like to give to any student is that college is what you make of it. You cannot be successful at a college only by attending classes and obtaining good grades. Students must create a balance and use their four years as a return in their future investment by using as many resources as possible.”