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Mariela Delacruz

Student Success Stories

I was introduced to the TRIO Student Support Service Program (SSS) during my freshmen orientation in 2012. Immediately after the New Student Orientation, I went to the TRiO SSS office and signed up for their program. TRIO has been my biggest support system throughout my college journey.  They helped me transition from a high school student to college student. Through their support, I went from a scared girl who had just graduated high school to an independent, self-empowering individual.

My academic counselor helped in all my endeavors and was the voice of encouragement when I felt frustrated.  She taught me how to advocate for myself.  As a social work major,  I learned I wanted to work with college students after I obtain my master's.  Also, the workshops were always useful and informative. For example, I learned how to manage a savings account and how to build credit.  As I'm approaching the final months of my journey in York college, I'm reminiscing on my achievements and my challenges. I wouldn't have been where I am today, if it weren't for the TRIO SSS program. As a potential cum laude honor student, TRIO SSS has not only provided me with academic support, but also with emotional and social support.  I wholeheartedly recommend this program.

Mariela Delacruz,

Class of 2017

Mariela Delacruz