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Lois Anti

TRIO Works!

Born in a third world country to a single mother of five children, life was hard. We could not even afford good education since tuition was expensive. In the past, this caused me to have frequent absences from school, but this did not deter me from graduating high school with distinction and making it to college in Ghana.

Despite these limitations, I have learnt not to take any opportunity for granted especially when I relocated to the United States. I immediately enrolled in college and I have pushed myself to take a demanding course load. My character is more demonstrated in my academic record and my extracurricular accomplishments even though I had some challenges. Being the treasurer of student government, a teaching assistant and a tutor for chemistry for six consecutive semesters.

I could not have achieved all of these without my Trio family. They have been there for me; always checking up on me, providing other students and I important information through our monthly workshops and all the necessary things we need to succeed and I am grateful. I am proud of myself and my success has taught me that I have great potential. As a student, I know that my sense of determination and dedication will help me accomplish my aim of being a pharmacist.