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Student Support Services, Student Development

Devika Baldeo

TRIO Student Success

My name is Devika Baldeo. My major is Sociology. I was compelled to enroll at York College because it was affordable compared to the private college I previously attended. Some aspects of my experience at York College which assisted me in completing my degree were TRIO YES, The Center for Students with Disability, The SEEK Program, and Academic Advising. Overall, these fundamental facets contributed to me achieving my goals by allowing me to participate in and utilize their essential and supportive workshops, tutoring, referrals for disability accommodations and use of equipment, leadership developmental programs, advisement on what classes I need in order to graduate, and how to navigate my way through college successfully.

My plans for the near future is to attend graduate school and work part-time via the CUNY CAP Program. Being a student at York College has helped me to choose my path which best fits my life. Three key things I would advise other students in terms of how to be successful is number one: To participate in and utilize programs such as the ones I have mentioned above, as well as student clubs, activities, and whatever else your college offers. Otherwise, it can be difficult to do it by yourself. Number two: Is to communicate with staff and faculty about any and every academic/personal situation in which you need assistance. You may be surprised to see how much staff and faculty are willing to help you overcome obstacles and watch you succeed. Number three: If you're not serious about your success, no one else will be, do your part. Come prepared to class by reading the materials, participate in class, don't try to skate by, earn yourself a good grade, invest in yourself, and connect with other students. Most Importantly, Enjoy The Journey!