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Student Support Services, Student Development

Betsy Millord

TRIO Student Success

I graduated from York College in Spring of 2015.  I joined the TRIO Student Support Services program during my freshman year.   A program representative came to my Student Development class to discuss the resources that TRIO offers.  I knew TRIO would be a great program to join because I needed help navigating college.  Once I joined the program I met with my counselor every month to discuss my academic and professional goals.  I received so much support and kind words of encouragement.

The TRIO staff members are all amazing and incredibly helpful.  Each person has demonstrated a passion for helping students succeed by encouraging and empowering students to work hard.  I used most of the services TRIO offered, such as; the workshops, the computer lab, and the tutoring services.  I loved all the tutoring help I received from the program. The tutors were professional, encouraging, and extremely helpful.  Each tutoring session was beneficial.  I am happy that TRIO and the staffers were a part of my college experience.

I’m currently pursuing a master's degree in public service management at the City College of New York and work as a community caseworker for Congressman Gregory Meeks' Rockaway Peninsula office. 


Betsy Millord