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Student Support Services, Student Development

Ahra Sung

Class of 2018

My name is Ahra Sung a senior majoring in Pharmaceutical Science. I was applying to many Pharmacy Schools, and I came across York College as the only CUNY University offering a Pharmaceutical Science Program. It is also one of my safety school meaning it assisted me in transition from high school to college life. I decided to enroll at York College because they have big benefits of accommodating students with disabilities such as using IEPs as part of the intake instead of doing a long process to get fully registered to the disability office.

At York College one of my biggest supporters was the TRIO program. The TRIO YES program helped me to keep on track of my courses along with tutors, workshops, also accommodations on exams from the Center for Students with Disabilities and support from my mentors. There were times when I just wanted to give up, but I kept going with all the encouragements I got from the TRIO program. To my fellow students, use all the resources this campus offers, and make sure you use it in advanced and not wait until the last minute. Don't let your fear take over your goals.