Institutional Research Surveys

Institutional Research and Assessment Surveys

Faculty Experience Survey

The Faculty Experience Survey is being conducted to gain an accurate picture of the professional needs and priorities of faculty regarding their views of the campus environment at York College. The information gathered through the survey will inform the College leadership about the faculty’s needs and satisfaction across various areas of their jobs with the aim of improving the institutional climate for faculty.

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Division of Student Development - Counseling Center: SD 110 Survey

The Division of Student Development - Counseling Center is conducting a survey for all students who have taken SD 110 classes. Please take a few minutes complete the anonymous survey. Your feedback is important to help improve the Division of Student Development at York College. If you have any questions, please call 718-262-2333.

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Quality of Academic Advising

Please help us to improve the quality of academic advising at our college by completing this brief survey. This survey will be used to collect data specifically about the advisors and advising services in York College’s Academic Advisement Center (Room 2C01). Your responses are valuable. We thank you in advance for your help.

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