Bill of Rights

Writing Center Bill of Rights

What Students Can Expect from a Tutoring Session

  • You will receive one-on-one attention.
  • You will receive directed, focused help.
  • You will know how to do one thing better at the end of a tutoring session than you could when you came in.
  • You will participate in a respectful and courteous consultation.
  • You will have someone to listen to you and your ideas.
  • You will receive help with Writing and Critical Thinking Skills.
  • You will receive help finding and using writing resources (e.g. grammar handbooks, library resources).

What Students Shouldn’t Expect

  • No one will edit your work for you. Any work that needs to be done on a paper will be done by the student, not the tutor.
  • Your tutor will not fix your paper. He or she will help you make it stronger, but it may not be “perfect” at the end of the tutoring session.
  • Your tutor will not write the paper for you.
  • Your tutor will not tell you what to write, though he/she will guide you so that you can figure that out for yourself.
  • A piece of writing cannot be transformed in one session.
  • Your tutor will not tell you what grade a paper will, or should, receive. Only the instructor can make comments about grading or assign grades.

What a Tutor Can Expect of a Student

  • You should see evidence the student will be doing his/her own work.
  • You should be part of a respectful and courteous interaction.
  • The student has come to his/her tutoring session with the materials she/he needs to work.
  • The student has come to tutoring prepared to work with the tutor.

Attendance Policy: Two excused absences equal one absence.

I understand that I will be assigned a regular tutoring appointment at the same time each week. I agree to attend all scheduled sessions. I am aware that two absences without prior notification will result in the loss of my regular scheduled appointment.

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