Tutor Information

This page provides information for those York Writing Center tutors, or those who are interested in tutoring at the Writing Center.

Guide for Writing Consultants which is an essential reading for those who already tutor, and those who would like to tutor, at the York College Writing Center.

If there is anything that you think should be added to the guide, please contact the Writing Center Manager, Ms. J. Glenn.

If you are interested in tutoring at the Writing Center, please click on the application form below, or come to room 1C18 to pick up an application. Don't forget to include a 5-10 page sample of your own academic writing with your application. Completed applications should be emailed to Ms. J. Glenn or hand delivered to the Writing Center, room 1C18.

Writing Center

Jonathan Hall
Writing Center Director

Ms. Jo Ann Glenn

Fall Session Hours
Fall & Spring Hours
Monday - Thursday9AM-8PM
Friday & Saturday 9AM-3PM
Winter Session Hours
Monday - Friday9AM-5PM
Summer Session Hours
Monday - Thursday9AM-5PM