Reading and Writing Resources

Links to online sources of help with reading, writing, and study skills.

Compiled and annotated by Karin A. Wolf

“ESL Resources” from the Hunter College Reading and Writing Center
There are extensive links to a variety for sources.  The site provides two lists of resources – one for students and one for teachers.

“MLA Tutorial” from the Hunter College Reading and Writing Cente
This tutorial includes information on how to weave source materials into your writing, how to cite sources in text, how to write a Works Cited list, and how to format a paper.  The information is based on the 7th edition of the MLA Handbook.

“Handouts” on Reading and Writing from the Hunter College Reading and Writing Center
This site contains printed information on many different aspects of reading and writing, including the writing process, the documented essay or research paper, writing for English courses, writing for various disciplines and tasks, business writing, and grammar.

CUNY Write Site
Here you can find information on writing projects, writing for work, writing for exams, and grammar and style.

Purdue OWL
The Purdue Online Writing Lab provides extensive information and materials about writing, including research, grammar, ESL, and business writing.

Daily Grammar
This site has an archive of hundreds of grammar lessons with quizzes and answers.  It also has a glossary of grammar terms.

English Grammar Tutor
An eleven chapter online grammar book focusing on sentence structure and punctuation.

Grammar Bytes!  Interactive Grammar Review
This site offers grammar lessons, interactive exercises, and handouts for use by teachers and students.

Glossary of English Grammar Term
The site has many resources for ESL students and teachers, including a grammar glossary, lessons on correct usage of English, and quizzes.

Help for ESL Students
There are links to writing sites, including a link for ESL students with many tutorials and lessons.

New York Times Learning Network
The New York Times
provides a short quiz each day based on articles that appear in the newspaper.   It is very good practice for building reading skills.  There are links to the articles where the answers can be found.  There are also links on the index page to a “Word of the Day” and many other learning tools.

Parts of Speech
There are grammar exercises and worksheets and much more.

Online Writing Project
An organized collection of grammar handouts and writing guides from English departments at various American colleges.

This site provides a variety of resources and links for writers.

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