York College/FDA 2010/11 Internships Available

Interns receive in-depth training, have a mentored experience that is challenging and stimulating, acquire technical skills, work with professionals in their field, and gain invaluable experience that will help them in future career or educational paths. York College interns also earn academic credit and receive a stipend.

Students who are selected for internships work approximately 8 hours per week for two semesters in the state-of-the-art FDA laboratory located on the York College campus. This can be scheduled over two days, if necessary, to coordinate with the student's schedule.

Placement depends on the main area of interest of each intern. Multiple internships are available for Chemistry and Biology majors in the FDA Food Chemistry and Microbiological Branches, as well as one each for a Computer Science major (to work with the FDA Laboratory Quality Manager), an Health Science major (to work with the FDA Industrial Hygenist), and a Business major (to work with the FDA Small Business Office).

How To Apply

  1. Schedule an interview with Professor Deb N. Chakravarti in Room AC-3F01E phone number: 718-262-2661 or email: dchakravarti@york.cuny.edu
  2. Submit a resume.
  3. Fillout the Application forms.

FDA - York College Partnership

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