Profiles in Success | 4 Unique Stories

Four students achieve academic success with assistance from Trio Student Support Services and the Office of Career Services.
Profiles in Success | 4 Unique Stories

Trio Student Support Services and the Career Services Office are collaborating to help students achieve academic success and develop professional skills.

A Partnership for Success

A Partnership for Success is a collaborative effort between the Office of Career Services and Trio Student Support Services. Since the two programs share the same suite in room 3E03, it seems only natural that students would develop an interaction with both. It soon became apparent that some students were making tremendous strides both academically and professionally with the help of both programs.

Real Stories, Real Students

When the four students were approached with the idea of sharing their stories with the rest of the York community via posters and the website, they readily agreed and a partnership was born. The four profiles are not only each student’s testimonial of the services they received, they are examples of how students can achieve academic success by taking advantage of the multiple services that are available to all students here at York College.