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Student Government Association (SGA) Election

Voting: Monday, April 19, 2021 - Friday, April 23, 2021


Departmental Senators:

Behavioral Sciences

Earth and Physical Sciences

Health Professions

Mathematics and Computer Science

Occupational Therapy

Teacher Education


Jennifer Griffith SGA 2021

Jennifer Griffith

My name is Jennifer Griffith.  I was born in the Bronx and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  I am a Family worker for district 29 here in Queens.  I service children along with their families encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s attendance and academics.  I also established positive relationships with students and fellow teachers along with school administrators.  The job provides a sense of fulfillment.   Supporting mankind feels very rewarding.  This act of service takes a selfless group of people to extend themselves for a greater cause. 

Having a passion for people I knew I must pursue a career in health services of Some sort.  I’m currently attending York college in pursuit of becoming a Social worker.  Since attending York I sought out how I could serve my school community.  I am the corresponding secretary for the social work club, I am also an NASW ambassador for the college.  With that said Your voices could be heard from the platforms and positions that I hold.  In these unprecedented times, I want to continue to restore harmony within our school.  I want to be that driving force in someone’s life.  In the near future, I look to start a non-profit, catered to children /adults who went or are in the foster care system just like myself.  I plan to provoke change in my community and change the narrative of children/adults who come out of foster care.   Along with educating individuals on the matter.  Vote for  Jennifer Griffith!

Oumou Sylla Spring SGA 2021Oumou Sylla

I am currently a junior that studies Health Science as a major at York College. I came from West Africa (Mali) in order to find the opportunity to rise beyond my birth status in this land of freedom. From High School to my college years, my mentors have offered me opportunities and guidance that encouraged me to pursue my dreams which are to become a physician and businesswoman. One of the opportunities was the Role model program provided by the Office of Career Services at York College. As a freshman, I was timid and lacked the confidence to speak my mind. This program helped me build my confidence, instill the values of a leader in me, and made me a talented public speaker. It awakened the leader that resides in me which allowed me to be the best version of myself. The National Society of Leadership and success increased my capacity to be an independent and charismatic leader through their virtual meetings with leaders, personal development, and academic opportunities. The student government association will improve my leadership skills and help me serve York college students by acknowledging their needs and helping them throughout their four years in college. I want to build a community that strives toward the brightest future that awaits us and with effort and tenacity I will serve you well.

Mark Ogbuehi SGA 2020 Picture

Mark Ogbuehi

Be the change you wish to see in the world" I strongly believe this, and it only takes one, I'm tired of sitting by the sidelines. I am running for student senate, not for me but for all of us. I strongly believe that actions speak louder than words, and tired of all the "We are going to do this or that" I am a firm believer in keeping promises and getting things done, if you vote for me as your student body senator, I will see to it that things do start to change for the better, and I know it will. I can't do this without you guys and I'm not planning on doing so, come and vote, not just for me, but for those who you feel can make a change.

Sarah Herrera SGA 2020 pic

Sarah Herrera

My name is Sarah Herrera.  I am a Junior, majoring in Health Science, aiming to become a Physician Assistant. Over the past few years, I have appreciated the York community, and York College has become a second home. York is a great school filled with intelligent, resilient, and hardworking individuals. If given the opportunity to represent York students, I will strive to listen to my peers and have their best interests at heart. I will strive to advocate for students and discuss important issues that will impact the York college community. With my fellow peer’s support, I believe that we can make York an even better experience for its students through communication and expression. Thank you.

Aarti Mahara SGA photo Spring 2021

Aarti Maharaj

I was born in Trinidad but raised in Queens, New York.  I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree at York College as an English Education Major.  I decided to pursue working in the field of education based on my personal experiences as a high school student.  In my former high school, English teachers influenced and made an impressionable impact on their students.  I want to continue that legacy by playing a role in nurturing and educating students during difficult transitional periods in their lives.  I am currently an active member of the Teacher’s Education Club at York College.  If elected as a candidate for Departmental Senator for Teacher Education, I hope to make changes for the better and advocate for my fellow classmates. I intend on procuring monetary funding for the Teacher Education program that will facilitate students and staff members.  I anticipate helping my fellow classmates by creating much-needed opportunities and resources that will benefit them as students.  I not only want to better assist my peers, but I also enjoy spending my time coming to the aid of others, that is why I currently employ my skills at the nonprofit agency South Queens Boys and Girls Club.

Kymora I. King SGA Spring 2021

Kymora I. King

I am currently an upper-level junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Political Science and Pre-Law Studies. I am also a part of the SEEK program, the Honors Program, and a member of the Political Science Club here at York College. I am always an active helper and do love to help others naturally. This school has grown to be our second home and our home away from home at times. Our number one priority is always that we should take care of home first. Yes, a lot of changes can be made but this home should always be worth your time because although it might not be considered the best at times, it is yours and similarly to the rose it too grew through concrete. A Lot of opportunities are given at this school every day. So, today I want you to stand with me and give the school an opportunity moving forward to be the best that it can possibly be. Some may wonder why do that if I plan to leave soon anyway?? The answer to that question is because no matter what you will always be a cardinal at heart. If you deserve the best and refuse to not settle for less, then your institution should reflect that as well. Let’s make the change we so desperately need together, a vote for me is a vote for the people.

Sumaiah Ali

My name is Sumaiah Ali. I am a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education. As a student here at York College, I will not sit around and wait for concerns that are bought to my attention. I will go the extra mile to make sure that issues are discussed and solved. During this pandemic, many of us are not having full college experiences and can be missing out on a lot of opportunities. Therefore, if given the opportunity to serve, I will try to represent undergraduate students' opinions to the larger departmental community and student involvement within the department. I will also try to plan and implement events to serve the differing needs and wants of the students such as opportunities, information, guest speakers, etc. I am here to achieve greatness not just for the students but for the college itself.