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2020-2021 SGA Members

Student leadership is an important part of social and academic life at York College.

2020-2021 York College Student Government Association



Name Title Email Photo
Wilkins Cerda President 2020 SGA President Wilkins Cerda
Brianna Maxwell Vice President, Day  
Winie Chery Vice President, Evening/Weekend 2020 SGA Vice President Evening and Weekend Winie Chery
Laura Dehkanov Club Council President 2020 SGA Club Council President Laura Dehkanov
Taslima Sarmin Student Programming Council President  
Maria Sohan Communication Council President 2020 SGA Communication Council President Maria Sohan
Chabelys Perez Executive Director 2020 SGA Executive Director Chabelys Perez
Amy Ortega Treasurer  
Olivia Walker Recording Secretary  
Annmarie Veeria Corresponding Secretary 2020 SGA Corresponding Secretary Annmarie Veeria
Vedyiawattie Singh Parliamentarian  

University Student Senate Delegates


Wayne Dawkins University Student Senate Delegate 1  
Tiandra Thompson University Student Senate Delegate 2  
Deanna St. Hillaire University Student Senate Alternate 1 2020 SGA University Student Senate Alternate 1 Deanna St. Hillaire
Aarionna McGlashing University Student Senate Alternate 2 2020 SGA University Student Senate Alternate 2 Aarionna McGlashing



Wilkins Cerda Senator  
Winie Chery Senator  
Celine Daniel Senator 2020 SGA Senator Celine Daniel
Wayne Dawkins Senator  
Laura Dehkanov Senator  
Brianna Gray Senator 2020 SGA Senator Brianna Gray
Priya Kaur Senator  
Brianna Maxwell Senator  
Destinie McDonald Senator 2020 SGA Senator Destinie McDonald
Aarionna McGlashing Senator  
Amy Ortega Senator  
Chabelys Perez Senator  
Shaniza Pineda Senator 2020 Senator Shaniza Pineda
Claressa Ramgadoo Senator 2020 SGA Senator Claressa Ramgadoo
Taslima.Sarmin Senator  
Sreya.Sewkaransing Senator 2020 SGA Senator Sreya Sewkaransing
Sabrina Shelley Senator  
Vedyiawattie Singh Senator  
Maria Sohan Senator  
Karishma Sonilal-Rambarran Senator 2020 SGA Senator Karishma Sonilalrambarran
Deanna St. Hillaire Senator  
Tiandra Thompson Senator  
Razek Uddin Senator  
Annmarie Veeria Senator  
Olivia Walker Senator  
Veronica Wanzer Senator 2020 SGA Senator Veronica Wanzer
Roza Yegoryan Senator