Bianca Fung A Loi- B.S. in Mathematics

With commitment and resilience Bianca sought out Career Services for a comprehensive guide to functioning in the professional field. Not only did Bianca learn proper interview etiquette, she secured a seat at the TMCF Conference.

Minor in Youth Development

Dean's List, (5/8 semesters)

Languages: English & Dutch

Awarded, Carol Kellermann Scholarship- 2004

Member, Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education

Teacher Quality and Retention Program- 2014

Recipient, Thurgood Marshall College Fund- 2014

Group Leader, The Child Center of New York at Queens United Middle School 289- 2015

Tutor, The Greater Allen  A.M.E Church- 2007

"Career Services helped me to get my feet through many doors by assisting me with resume building, interview do’s and don’ts, and many tips on how to present myself professionally to prospective employers.  I was introduced to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund’s many opportunities by Mr. Punter.  He told me about their Teacher Quality and Retention Program… Being part of the TQRP family gave me the opportunity to participate in the 2014 TMCF Leadership Institute, where I was able to establish strong career networks.  Career Services made me understand that an education and a degree will get you through the door, however presentation, determination, and a positive attitude are equally important.  I want to encourage every student on campus to visit the Career Services office."



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