Timetable for Success

What should you be doing each year in order to ensure that you land the perfect job after graduation? If you follow this timetable, you won't go wrong.

Freshman Year

Self Assessment and Career Planning

  • Register with the Office of Career Services and receive guidance on your journey to career success.
  • Conduct a self-assessment using skills, values and interest inventories.
  • Explore different academic disciplines.
  • Gather information about interesting careers.
  • Get a summer job and begin to acquire work experience.

Sophomore Year

Career Exploration

  • Register for Coop 101 or SD 120 and Coop 111
  • With the assistance of a career advisor, analyze your self-assessment inventories.
  • Gather information about career options that match your self assessment.
  • Select a major that is consistent with skills, value, interests and career choice.
  • Develop a resume and career action plan.
  • Begin exploring internship opportunities.
  • Continue to acquire work experience through part-time job, summer job or volunteer work.
  • Develop computer skills.

Junior Year

Career Preparation

  • Begin to focus on a career option, consult with family, faculty, counselors and administrators.
  • Join student organizations in your chosen area.
  • Review qualifications for employment in chosen career field.
  • Attend career development workshops sponsored by Office of Career Services.
  • Obtain internships in related career areas where possible.
  • Acquaint yourself with relevant professional publications and begin to develop professional contacts.
  • Begin thinking about possible options after graduation; graduate school, employment, etc.

Senior Year

Job Search

  • Apply for and take necessary exams for graduate and professional schools.
  • Develop a job search campaign and put it in full gear.
  • Refine your resume and attend workshops on interviewing techniques, job search techniques, business etiquette, etc.
  • Continue to obtain internships.
  • Stay in constant communication with the Office of Career Services via e-mail and their website.
  • Talk to everybody you can who may be able to assist you in your job search.

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Email Scam Alert by Rafael Nunez — last modified Apr 24, 2017
Recently students have been targeted by email scams/fraud centering on employment "opportunities." These type of emails should not be responded to and should be reported to Career Services or to Public Safety.
Earn $300 and Help Democracy!  Earn $300 and Help Democracy! by Rafael Nunez — last modified Apr 28, 2017
The Board of Elections is looking for hundreds of students to be poll workers on Election Day, Nov. 2.