In this section, is a welcome letter from the VP of Student Development and newsletters highlighting our collective efforts to develop, operate and implement effective and efficient programs and services that integrate, engage, involve and validate students at the college.

Message from Vincent Banrey, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Development

Dear Cardinals,

Vincent Banrey, Ph.D. Vice President for Student DevelopmentTake full advantage of all the opportunities York College has to offer. As Cardinals, it is imperative for you to take charge of your educational experience and become engaged in all aspects of college life. I urge each of you to commit to bringing your best effort every time you: attend classes, interact with faculty, participate in student organizations, get involved in group research projects or participate in activities on or off campus.

The Division of Student Development's primary goal is to assist you in achieving your academic and career goals through the programs and services we offer. If you review our mission statement, our key tenets are to integrate, engage, involve and validate each student at the college so that they can be successful. In addition, a key function of the Division is to support the academic mission of the institution so students can achieve their academic and career goals.

Another key role of the Division is to work collaboratively with other entities at the college and external community to provide students with experiential educational opportunities that enhance their learning experience.

As a Cardinal, it is important for you to be well-informed and aware of your rights and responsibilities as a member of the community. Please take a moment to read the Student Consumer Information letter on our Student Development web page. For your added convenience, the Student Consumer Information letter is also on the CUNY Central Office page.

Our wish is for each student to have a successful academic experience at York College. So, please be encouraged to stop by any of the offices in the Division for assistance, information, or just to say hello.


Dr. Vincent Banrey, Vice President
Student Development