Cessation Resources

There are many resources for smokers who wish to cease smoking. In recognition of the fact that smoking is an addictive habit and that persons who wish to quit smoking often need support, resources to assist with smoking cessation are provided to all members of the college community to assist with their individual goals.

New York City provides an array of free or low-cost programs and resources to assist with smoking cessation. In addition, CUNY employees have access to the CUNY/WorkLife Program and York students can use the Health Services Center for additional resources. Resources and program descriptions are as follows:

Health Services Center

The Health Services Center is Room AC-1F01, which is on the first floor of the Academic Core Building. It is located on the F corridor, across from the Bookstore, right in front of the down escalator.

Tel: 718-262-2050

Employee Smoking Cessation Program (ESCAPE)

Tel: 212.676.2393 or Web: www.nyc.gov (please enter “Department of Mental Health and Hygiene” in the search box and look under Services, Quit Smoking, Information for City Employees)

This program is a personalized and confidential service for New York City employees who would like to quit smoking. Support is provided by experienced Tobacco Treatment Specialists in person or by phone.

CUNY Work/Life Program

Tel: 800.833.8707 or Web: www.cuny.edu/worklife (please enter “smoking cessation” in the search box on the homepage).

CUNY’s faculty and staff and their family members are covered under this program. It’s a voluntary, free, and confidential benefit administered by Corporate Counseling Associates. CCA’s team of experienced counselors is available 24/7 to help assess needs and clarify options on an array of daily-life issues, including smoking cessation.

New York City - 311

New York City provides an array of free or low-cost programs and resources to assist with smoking cessation.

Please visit to learn more about them, or call 311.

NYS Smoker’s Quit Line

Tel: 866.697.8487 or Web: www.nysmokefree.com and www.nyc.gov/apps/311.

New York State and City offer assistance to help people quit smoking. You can talk to a Quit Coach, receive a free starter kit of nicotine patches or gum, or visit the City’s Quit Smoking clinics to receive supportive counseling and medication to help quit smoking. Services are provided at little or no cost.