Student Registration Instructions

Welcome to the JSHS (Junior Science and Humanities Symposium) Registration Information 2020.

Be Sure to upload all documents as a PDF (preferred) or DOC with the Following Format: "Your Last Name-Your First Name- Document Name". Photos must be submitted as a .jpg or .img.

Submissions Open

Be Sure to submit all required documentation before the deadline, missing documents will result in your registration being canceled.

Please note: Your submission may be for:

  • Individual research
  • A team or group research project
  • Individual contribution to research conducted by a team or group project

Teams or groups that wish to submit an entry must choose one presenter to represent them in the regional and national symposium. There cannot be multiple entries and multiple presenters for one research project.

Any Questions about Applications and Judging send your inquiries to

Required Documentation

  1. Abstract*
  2. Research paper*
  3. Photo* Must be professional and uploaded as a JPG or IMG.
  4. Short 250-450 words Biography in which you include the following information*:
    1. Any Co-Curricular activities
    2. Hobbies/Interests
    3. Career Goals
    4. Who/What inspires you
  5. Supervising Scientist Form* JSHS Form B
  6. Call for Papers* JSHS Form C
  7. Parental/Guardian Consent Form for Photos* JSHS Form D
  8. Human Subjects (This form must be submitted if you used humans as part of your research.) JSHS Form A

To Submit your registration online, please go to the Student Submission 2019-2020 tab and complete the form and hit "Submit".

Student Submission 2020