Our Mission and Values

The Office of the Registrar is an integral unit under the Division of Academic Affairs. Our main responsibility is the maintenance, accuracy, integrity and security of all academic records at the college. We safeguard all records by adhering to all applicable federal, state and university regulations.

Mission Statement

The office provides effective and quality customer service to students, faculty, staff and visitors of all diverse communities, by implementing a customer service focused environment. We pride ourselves in delivering the best services so we can efficiently assist and inform our customers in all their needs. This includes but is not limited to assisting students and faculty with registration functions, grade processing, processing official transcripts, evaluating transfer credits, enrollment verifications, certifications and graduation processes.

The office is committed to the delivery of diversity, innovative technology, integrity, efficiency and quality customer service, in order to enrich and enable student growth and the image of the college as a whole.


Vision Statement

Technology is our method of communication and an integral tool in our day to day transactions, which allows us to empower students, faculty and staff to use and become familiar with our online tools for their benefit. Our vision is to engage our students, faculty and staff to be aware of all college policy and online tools to better enhance themselves as a member of the York College community.


Our Values

  1. Diversity:  We value all cultural, social and economic diversity, which is integral to the mission of York College. As members of the York College community, the Registrar’s office upholds and respects all individuals regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, disability, race, religion and sexual orientation. We believe that increased diversity supports the college’s objective in attracting and retaining students. To make this happen, we provide our students, faculty and staff with a welcoming and multicultural environment.
  2. Innovative Technology:  We continuously find ways to better develop our services to students, faculty and staff by providing reliable and creative technological solutions that align with our goals, while providing excellent customer service. We foster creativity and strategic planning in order to offer solutions for future obstacles.
  3. Integrity: We take our work seriously and ensure that all students, faculty and staff are taken care of professionally and ethically. Our office promotes the highest quality of professionalism, ethical standards, transparency and accountability. We enforce these standards on a daily basis with those we interact with. 
  4. Efficiency:  We support idea sharing, team efforts and collaborations between departments in the college. We believe in finding new solutions to better improve our daily operations and respect proactive solutions that can make our services more seamless for our customers.
  5. Quality Customer Service:  We value the input and satisfaction of all our customers. To align with the college’s mission to provide quality service to our students, we continuously look for ways to better improve our services to retain and satisfy our customer needs.