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When I register for my courses online, I keep getting error messages, what should I do?

I keep getting an error message when trying to register

Please view the snapshots below:

Scenario 1: Students may receive a message informing them that they do not meet the requirements for certain course(s).

Resolution: Students have not taken the requisites needed to register.

Error Reg Pic 1

Scenario 2: Student's repeating a course after a certain amount of times may receive the error message below.

Resolution: Student should visit the Office of the Registrar for more assistance.

Error Reg Pic 2

Scenario 3: Student  attempting to register for a course requiring department consent.

Resolution: Student should visit the department for consent to be entered in CUNYFirst.

Error Reg Pic 3

Scenario 4: Student's registering for a closed section will receive the following error message.

Resolution: Student should visit the department to request class permission.

Error Reg Pic 4