Youth Studies (Minor)

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Course Descriptions
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Youth Studies Minor


Requirements for the Minor*

YD289Understanding Youth in the Urban Context 
YD290Action Research for Practitioners 
YS301Independent Study in Youthwork Practice  
EDUC271Adolescent and Youth Development** 
HIST/MUS279History of Hip Hop*** 
PSY216Human Development: Adolescence/Maturity*** 
Total Credits12 

* Courses fulfilling requirements in the Youth Studies minor may not be used to fulfill requirements of the student's major or another minor.

** All non Teacher Education majors and Teacher Education majors in Childhood Education, Health Education, or Physical Education Teacher Programs must take EDUC 271.

*** Teacher Education majors in Secondary (grades 7-12) or Middle School (grades 6-9) Extension programs must take HIST 279/MUS 279 or PSY 216.