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Course Descriptions
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English Education/Middle School Extension (BA)


Recommended Pathways Courses

Students are strongly recommended to take the following Pathways courses as they provide the academic content needed to teach Elementary school and ensure student can complete the program in 120 credits. The Content Specialty Test-Multi Subject exam, required for NYS licensure, will also include the content in these recommended courses. 

Mathematical & Quantitative Reasoning

MATH150Mathematics and its Applications 
MATH111Introduction to Statistics & Probability 

Life & Physical Sciences

Students must complete one of the following courses or its equivalent to obtain and NYS teaching license: 
BIO140Human Biology 
EHS140Introduction to Environmental Sciences 
GEOL140Our Earth 
PHYS140The Physical Universe 

World Cultures & Global Issues

ENG200Understanding Literature 

U.S. Experience in its Diversity

POL103Politics and Government in the United States 

Creative Expression

Choose one Speech Communications course 

Individual & Society

ECON102Introduction to Microeconomics 

Scientific World

One course from ASTR, BIO, CHEM, EHS, GEO, or PHYS other than a science discipline used to meet the Life & Physical Sciences requirement. 

College Option (Writing Intensive requirement)

Choose one; either course also satisfies an Education pre-major block requirement. 
PHIL202Major Ideas and Issues in Education (WI) 
SOC202Major Ideas and Issues in Education (WI) 

English Course Requirements


Foundation Courses

ENG202Introduction to Literary Studies 
ENG262Introduction to Writing, Rhetoric, and Language 
WRIT304Research and Writing for English Majors 

Pre-Twentieth Century Literature

One course from the following in British Literature
ENG318Shakespeare: The Major Works 
ENG328Medieval and Renaissance Literature 
ENG333Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature 
ENG343The Romantic Period in England 
ENG344Victorian Literature 
One course from the following in American Literature
ENG350American Voices and Visions I 
ENG351American Romanticism 
ENG352American Voices and Visions II 
ENG35319th Century American Literature* 
ENG311Literary Studies 
Emphasis (Choose A or B)

A. Writing, Rhetoric, and Language (3 courses from:)

ENG265Advanced Composition 
ENG270Introduction to Grammar and Syntax 
ENG279Special Topics in Writing, Rhetoric and Language 
ENG286Introduction to Creative Writing* 
ENG362Rhetorical Theory and Criticism 
ENG369Critical Literacy Studies 
ENG371History of the English Language 
ENG373Writing for Business 
ENG375English Sociolinguistics 
ENG379Special Topics in Writing, Rhetoric, and Language 
ENG384Writing for Electronic Media 
ENG386Poetry Workshop 
ENG387Short Story Workshop 
ENG388Playwriting Workshop 
ENG389Creative Nonfiction Workshop 

B. Literature Emphasis (3 courses from the following, chosen with advisor, no more than one course at the 200 level)

(3 courses from)
a. Choose one from the following: 
ENG209Understanding Poetry 
ENG211Foundations of Western Literature 
ENG240Literary Traditions in the U.S.* 
ENG318Shakespeare: The Major Works 
ENG356Studies in a Literary Genre or Movement 
ENG358Major Authors 
b. Two additional courses at the 300 level or higher


One course from:  
ENG410Seminar in English: Special Topics 
ENG430Seminar in British Literature 
ENG470Seminar in the English Language 

Global Writing

Choose one
ENG272World Englishes* 
ENG390Caribbean Literatures in English 
ENG391Topics in Global Literatures 
ENG396Global Women Writers 
WLIT396Global Women Writers 

Teacher Education

Students should consult the Admission and Progression policy for additional requirements. Students should meet with an Education advisor each semester to select classes that meet all requirements. 

Pre-Major Block

ENG125English Composition I: Introduction to College Writing* 
ENG126English Composition II: Writing About Literature* 
PHIL202Major Ideas and Issues in Education (WI)* 
SOC202Major Ideas and Issues in Education (WI)* 
MATH271Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers 
EDUC230Teaching with Multimedia Technology 
EDUC280Child and Adolescent Development for Teachers 

Professional Sequence

EDUC268Bilingual and ELL Education 
EDUC271Adolescent and Youth Development in Middle and High Schools 
EDUC283Educational Psychology: Effective Teaching and Learning in Diverse and Inclusive Classrooms 
EDUC352Instructional Strategies in Middle and High Schools 
EDUC323Curriculum and Methods in Elementary Education: Mathematics 
EDUC369Early Language & Literacy for English Only and English Language Learners (WI) 
EDUC370Content Literacy 2-6 English Only and English Language Learners (EO & ELLs) 
EDUC390Curriculum and Methods in Elementary Education I: Learning Goals & Assessments 
EDUC392Elementary Methods II: Instruction and Classroom Environments 

Student Teaching and Student Teaching Seminar

EDUC401Capstone Clinical Experience & Seminar for Childhood Education, Grades 1-3 
EDUC402Capstone Clinical Experience & Seminar for Childhood Education, Grades 4-6 
Free electives and Pathways42 
English/Education major78 

* Course satisfies Pathways Core and English/Education requirement; credits counted in Pathways