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The Online Bulletin is for information purposes only. Current students must complete the requirements as outlined in the York Bulletin as applicable.
Course Descriptions
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Eligibility for Screening into the Generic Program

Students must meet the requirements for admission to York College, including the standards of proficiency in the basic skills areas of reading, writing and mathematics. Students who pass the CUNY assessment tests are eligible to enroll in General Education courses and additional prerequisite courses as listed:

Admission Criteria

  1. Completion of the 56 required General Education and prerequisite credits
  2. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in the five key prerequisite courses noted with an asterisk
  3. A grade of C or better in each General Education or Pathways and Prerequisite course.
  4. Completion of all required lower division writing intensive (WI) Courses.
  5. Current Basic Life Support Certificate (BCLS).
  6. Successful score on the NLN pre-admission RN exam (PAX-RN)

Admission to the generic nursing program is highly competitive. The program is designed for full-time study. Students who are interested in the program must meet the requirements for admission to York College. They are required to pass the CUNY Admission Examination in the basic skills areas; reading, writing and mathematics, as well as all required prerequisites science and foundation courses. Admission to the college does not guarantee acceptance to the nursing program. Students who have failed/ been dismissed from another nursing program are not eligible for admission to York's Program.

Students must complete the following courses with a minimum of a C grade:

Effective Fall 2016 

Nursing Generic BS


Prerequisites for Screening and Progression

BIO234Anatomy and Physiology I* ** 
BIO235Anatomy and Physiology II* 
BIO265Clinical Microbiology 
BIO382Human Nutrition 
ENG125Composition I: Introduction to College Writing** 
CHEM106Essentials of College Chemistry* ** 3.5 
CHEM107Essentials of College Chemistry Laboratory* ** 1.5 
CHEM230Essentials of Organic Chemistry 
MATH111Introduction to Statistics & Probability** 
PSY102Introduction to Psychology* ** 
PSY214Human Development for Health Professions 

Nursing Major Discipline Requirements

NURS101Nursing Process and Pharmacology I 
NURS204Health Assessment and Wellness Promotion 
NURS210Fundamentals of Nursing Practice 
NURS301Values in Transitions: Perspectives of Professional Nursing 
NURS302Pharmacology for Nurses 
NURS310Nursing Process: Nursing Care in the Child-bearing Client/Family System (7 weeks) 
NURS320Adult Health I 
NURS340Nursing Care of Children: Infancy to Adolescence (7 weeks) 
NURS314Management and Leadership in Professional Nurse-Client Intersystem 
NURS406Professional Nurse-Societal & Community Client Intersystem: Emergent Evolution 
NURS415Professional Nurse-Client Intersystem 
NURS420Adult Health II 
NURS430Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 
NURS407Research in Professional Nursing Practice WI 

Other Major Requirements

Remaining Pathways Elective Requirements23 
Total Credits Required for the B.S.120 

A minimum grade of C+ is required for all Nursing courses.

*Courses listed with an asterisk (*) are used to calculate the G.P.A. and rank applicants.

**Courses listed with a double asterisk (**) are specific Pathways courses embedded in the major

Note: This program has received a special waiver to specify particular courses students must take in some areas of the Common Core to be eligible to apply for admission to the Nursing program. If students take different courses in these areas, they will be certified as having completed the Common Core areas, but would not have met the preconditions for applying to the Generic Nursing program. Nursing students are waived from Health 111 in the College Option but are required to take Psychology 214 in its place.