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Course Descriptions
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Effective Fall 2018 

Public Health Minor


Required Courses

I. Required Major Discipline Courses
PH201History & Principles of Public Health 
PH210Epidemiology for Public Health Practice 
PH320Applied Biostatistics in Public Health 
II. Elective Minor Discipline Courses
GERO210Alzheimer's & Related Dementias* 
GERO301Wellness & the Elderly** 
HE200Basic Cardiac Life Support 
HE211Stress & Health 
HE241Sex & Sexuality 
HE312Health & Disease 
HE313Alcohol & Alcoholism 
HE314Nutrition & Health 
HE315Consumer Health 
HE316Family Health 
HE317First Aid Safety Education 
HE341HIV/AIDS: Public Health Implications 
HE342Drug Use & Abuse 
PE358Physiology of Exercise 
HE420Alcoholism Counseling 
HE450Practicum in Health Education 
HE452Cardiovascular Fitness 
HE488Health Promotion in the Workplace 
HE495Independent Study 
HE496Independent Study 
HE497Independent Study 
HE498Independent Study 
PH215Social & Behavioral Determinants of Health 
PH225Principles & Practices of Health Behavior Change 
PH285Health Equity & Cultural Responsiveness 
PH330Public Health Policy & Management 
PH340Environmental & Occupational Health 
PH343Sexual & Gender Minority Health Perspectives 


  1. While GERO 301 has a prerequisite, students may enroll in the course with department or instructor permission.

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