Gerontology (Minor)

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Course Descriptions
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A minor in Gerontology will afford non-majors the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills to work with and support the aging.


Required Courses


Required Major Discipline Courses

GERO101Introduction to Gerontology I (Interdisciplinary) 
GERO201Intermediate Gerontology 
GERO301Wellness and the Elderly 

Elective Requirements

(Select two courses from the following):
ANTH302Anthropology of Aging 
BIO283Biology of Aging 
GERO210Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias 
PE322Recreation, Organization, and Leadership 
POL273Politics of Aging 
PSY280Psychology of Geriatrics 
PSY283Psychology of Death and Dying 
PSY381Psychological Consequences of Chronic Disability 
SOC236Sociology of Aging 

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