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The Bachelors of Science in Aviation Management degree is designed for students seeking to lead and manage in the world of aviation. Balancing key aviation concepts with advanced business strategy, the curriculum provides students a solid foundation of aviation expertise, industry standards, principles of management, and leadership delivered by aviation industry experts. The program explores all facets of aviation management, including airport and airline economics, aeronautical science, accounting, marketing, environment, aviation safety, assets protection and global business strategies. This approach to aviation education gives the student added value over aviation programs by focusing on the skills and knowledge required by today's industry. Upon graduation, students will be eligible and qualified candidates for desirable staff, operational, and executive positions within the aviation industry.


Aviation Management BS


I. Required Courses

ECON220Introduction to Economics Statistics 

II. Foundation Courses

ACC101Principles of Accounting I 
ACC102Principles of Accounting II 
ACC103Principles of Managerial Accounting 
BUS201Computer Applications in Business 
BUS283Business Law I 
BUS301Management Theory and Practice 
FINC321Principles of Finance 
MKT341Introduction to Marketing 

III. Aviation Management Core Courses

BUS230Introduction to Aviation and Business 
BUS237Emergency Planning and Management 
BUS281Air Traffic Control 
BUS360Airport and Aviation Security 
BUS362Commercial Aviation Safety 
BUS410Ethics and Issues in Aviation 
BUS495Aviation Seminar and Internship** 

IV. Program Electives

Choose two (2) courses from the following: 
BUS312Staff Supervision & Employeee Relations 
BUS335Case Studies in Aviation Finance Management 
BUS414Airport Planning and Management 
BUS416Air Cargo Management 
BUS420Corporate and Business Aviation 
BUS425Airline Management 
POL103Politics and Government in the United States*** 
POL309Aviation Law**** 

Credit Totals

Total Aviation program credits60 
Total Core Curriculum credits33-42 
Total free elective credits18-27 
Total Credits for the BS in Aviation Management120 


*ECON 102 may also be taken to fulfill the Flexible Core: Individual and Society requirement.

**BUS 495 may also be taken toward fulfillment of the College Option Core: Writing Intensive requirement.

***POL 103 may also be taken to fulfill the Flexible Core: US Diversity in its Experience requirement.

****Students interested in taking POL 309 must take POL 103 and consult with their advisor prior to registering for the course.

  • Students who have completed the Required Core: Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning requirement will be prepared to take all courses in the Aviation Management program.

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