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Course Descriptions
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The Bachelor of Science in Finance program will provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed as entry-level finance professionals. These include: the competencies to apply appropriate principles of valuation for major financial assets and securities; the ability to engage in research and evaluate whether investments and financial policies maximize the entity's value; the knowledge to evaluate financial risk and to design appropriate risk management strategies; the ability to understand the trade-offs between risk and return in investment management; and the skills to consider ethical standards, essential for financial decision-making processes.


Finance BS


Required Courses

ACC101Principles of Accounting 1 
ACC102Principles of Accounting II 
ACC201Intermediate Accounting I 
ACC202Intermediate Accounting II 
ACC251Financial Statement Analysis 
FINC101Fundamentals of Financial Planning & Wealth Management 
BUS201Computers Application in Business 
FINC150Financial Data Analytics 
BUS283Business Law I 
FINC245Regulations for Accountants and Financial Professionals 
FINC475Case Studies in Accounting & Finance (WI)* 
ECON220Economics Statistics 
FINC125Financial Mathematics II 
FINC201Foundations of Finance 
FINC321Principles of Finance 
FINC250Financial Data Analytics II 
FINC322Investment and Security Analysis 
FINC324International Finance 
FINC329Corporate Finance 
FINC355Futures and Options 


Choose 6 credits from the following: 
ACC292Accounting Internship 
ACC345Cost Accounting I 
FINC325Real Estate Finance 
FINC360Finance Risk Management 
FINC493Finance Independent Study III 

Credit Totals

Total Finance program credits:60 
Total Core Curriculum credits:36-42 
Liberal Arts elective credits:12-15 
Free elective credits:3-12 
Total credits for the BS in Finance:120 

* FINC 475 may also be taken toward fulfillment of the College Option Core: Writing Intensive requirement.
**ECON 102 also fulfills the Flexible Core: Individual and Society requirement.

  • All Finance majors must complete a minimum of 60 liberal arts credits.
  • The requirement that half of the credits in the major program must be taken at York is superseded by the requirement that 15 credits in Finance must be taken at York.

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