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Course Descriptions
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The Theatre Arts minor is designed to encourage students who have an interest in acting and/or theatre production to pursue their interest while majoring in other areas. A Theatre Arts Minor offers more flexibility in career searches and is considered an asset by graduate schools. All students proposing to minor in Theatre Arts should apply in the Departmental Office, where they will be assigned an advisor. Courses chosen for the minor may not be used for general education requirement.


Requirements for the Theatre Arts Minor


Required Courses

TA110Introduction to the Theatre 
TA215Studies in Theatre Practices I 

Choose 3 courses from the following:

TA112Voice and Stage Movement for Actors I 
TA114Stagecraft I 
TA115Stagecraft II 
SPCH160Fundamentals of Oral Interpretation: Prose and Poetry 
SPCH182Voice and Diction 
TA211Basic Acting 
TA212Scene Study 
TA261Intermediate Oral Interpretation (Drama) 
TA311Fundamentals of Directing 
TA314Computer Design for the Stage 
TA316Performance for Television 
TA317Theatrical Criticism 
TA390Special Studies Seminar I 
TA411History of Avant-Garde Performance 
TA490Independent Research 

One course may be chosen from below to satisfy the requirement:

ENG318Shakespeare: The Major Works 
ENG364The Tragic Vision 
ENG365The Comic Vision 
SPCH390Special Studies Seminar I 

Note: Courses chosen for the minor may not be used to satisfy the general education requirement.