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Course Descriptions
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Knowledge and skills in communications technology are central to careers in all fields in the technological and Internet-based world. Courses in communications technology provide students with specific skills and technical knowledge that, in turn, enhance their chances of finding employment. Students majoring in Arts, Business, Education, English, and Journalism would be especially more competitive with completion of a minor in Communications Technology.


Requirements for the Communications Technology Minor


Required Courses

CT101Digital Storytelling 
CT160User Experience Design 

Area Requirements

Student may select Television or Web Design & Development as an area of concentration for the minor: 
A. Television Production Concentration
Select three courses from the following: 
CT210Portrait Documentary 
CT240Studio Television Production 
CT244Multimedia Sound Production 
B. Web Design & Development Concentration
Select three courses from the following: 
CT360Web Design I 
CT370Web Development I 
CT381Web Design II 
CT385Web Development II