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The Academic Computing program offers courses in computer literacy. The computer literacy courses are designed to serve the needs of all students at York College. Their objectives are to enable the students to understand the computer system and associated operating systems, to use word processing and graphics software to develop essays as well as research papers, and to develop an understanding of the basic terminology of computer technology, network, and operations, to navigate the World Wide Web, and to use multimedia presentations to enhance their academic endeavors. The Academic Computing program is also designed to enable students to learn to use spreadsheet software for modeling, budgeting, planning, and other "what if" projections, to use both spreadsheet and database software, to use both presentation and web design software and to understand the impact of the Internet on business, education, human services, public administration and life as a citizen.

AC101Introduction to Microcomputers I 
AC102Introduction to Microcomputers II 
AC201Computer Applications 
AC230Teaching with Multimedia Technology 

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