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Course Descriptions
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The major in Computer Science is designed for students who want to learn about computers and their interrelation with mathematics and with engineering and the physical sciences. In particular, students majoring in Computer Science will learn basic and advanced programming; design and analysis of computer algorithms for both correctness and efficiency; design and analysis of computer hardware; what is and is not mathematically possible to compute; about the mathematical theory of languages and how these theories apply to the design of computer languages, including language comparisons and implementations; management of large software projects; and how a computer operating system works. Students who successfully complete the program will be prepared for employment as computer professionals, including computer systems analysts, software developers, systems programmers, and scientific or engineering applications programmers, or for graduate school in computer science or a related field.


Computer Science BS


Major Discipline Requirements**


Required Courses

CS172Computer Science I 
CS291Computer Science II 
CS341Algorithms and Data Structures* 
CS357Principles of Programming Languages 
CS397Assembly Language Programming 
CS451Operating Systems 
CS457Introduction to Automata and Computability 
CS485Computer Architecture 
MATH122Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 
MATH210Probability and Statistics I 
MATH225Discrete Mathematical Structures 

Elective Courses


Choose three courses including at least two computer science courses:

CS334Computer Graphics 
CS377Artificial Intelligence 
CS381Software Development 
CS382Software Engineering 
CS391Object-Oriented Programming 
CS392Database Systems 
CS452UNIX Operating System 
CS461Network Computing 
CS465Cryptography and Network Security 
MATH230Theory of Numbers 
MATH243Combinatorial and Discrete Geometry 
MATH333Linear Algebra 
MATH335Mathematical Logic 
MATH336Modern Algebra 
MATH395Numerical Analysis 

*Computer Science majors must pass CS 341 with a C grade or better.

**Students will take MATH 121 to satisfy their General Education Requirement in mathematics, and courses suitable for a science major to satisfy their natural science requirement. Physics is recommended, but not required.

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