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The Survey Research certificate program (SRCP) provides students with a knowledge base and hands-on experience in survey design, research and analysis. This certificate program is intended for individuals who would like to explore careers in the survey and marketing research industry, in addition to any field or organization that requires quantitative/survey research skills. Students may be non-degree, community and senior college undergraduates or graduates, or individuals currently working in survey research who seek a more formal educational credential. The SRCP is a subset of the B.A. major in Sociology. Students may use the SRCP courses to satisfy their Sociology major requirements, where relevant, as well as apply them for the Survey Research Certificate. Students who are interested in this program should contact the Department of Behavioral Sciences in room AC- 4D06, (718) 262-2680, and arrange to speak with a sociology professor.


Certificate Program for Survey Research


Required Courses

SOC220Social Research I* 
SOC321Social Research II* 
SOC226Survey Research I (Direct Interview & Mail Surveys) 
SOC227Survey Research II (Telephone & Internet Surveys) 
SOC290Field Work and Research in Surveys 

*Equivalent courses taken in other disciplines or at other institutions may be eligible for credit.

It is recommended that students take one or two of the following courses that may be of interest. These courses are not required for the certificate:

  • Political Science 332 - Public Opinion and Political Behavior
  • Psychology 358 - Psychology of Advertising and Marketing Communications.

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