Philosophy (BA)

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History and Philosophy
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Course Descriptions
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The philosophy program seeks first and foremost to show all students, as an essential element of the liberating objective of general education, the unexamined assumptions in all their studies, and to introduce them to the tradition of exploring and criticizing those assumptions. Philosophy courses explore basic ideas in natural sciences, behavioral and social sciences, the arts, and religion. In learning the methods of the philosophical tradition, students will develop their powers of logical thought and coherent expression, which will assist them in other studies, in the pursuit of careers, and in the exercise of the human rights of citizenship and of full participation in the arts and sciences of contemporary cultural life. Majors will learn to engage in sustained analyzes of a variety of issues, preparing them for graduate studies in philosophy, professional schools, etc.

Philosophy BA


Major Discipline Requirements

PHIL211Ancient Philosophy 
PHIL213Modern Philosophy 

8 courses at the 200-level or above

Electives in Philosophy and/or other disciplines' with predominantly Philosophical materials, such as English 364, Speech 203, 231, and Political Science 267-269 may be used to meet some of these 8 requirements. 

Majors planning to attend graduate school are advised to study French or German. Majors planning to attend graduate school in Philosophy are advised to include courses in logic and philosophy of science in their programs. They should also undertake Independent Study projects during the fall semester of the senior year, resulting in papers suitable for inclusion in their graduate school applications.