Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)

Arts and Sciences
History, Philosophy, and Anthropology
HEGIS Number: 4901

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Course Descriptions
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This major combines a wide scope of studies with concentration on the skills of textual analysis. Interdisciplinary Studies majors learn to discover the structure of meaning in accounts of facts in history and social science texts, in literary plots of imaginative possibilities, in theories of natural and social science, in works of performative, creative, or expressive arts, and in philosophical reflections on the assumptions and methods of the arts and sciences. Requirements in history, social and behavioral science, literature, the arts and philosophy also provide a global perspective on what it means to become a liberally educated person.


Interdisciplinary Studies BA


I. Art, Music Theatre, or Speech

Any course at the 200-level or above in Art, Music, Theatre, or Speech 

II. History

200-level or above, at least 3 credits 300-level or above  
One course in US or Western European History 
One course in African, Asian, Caribbean, Latin American, or Eastern European History 

III. Literature

200-level or above, but not ENG 200; at least 3 credits 300-level or above  
British or American Literature (not English 200) 
Literature that is not British or American 

IV. Mathematics

100-level or above, but not MATH 102, 104, 119, 271, 272 3-4 

V. Natural and Physical Sciences

One course 100-level or above in Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Health Science, Geology, or Physics 3-4 

VI. Philosophy

PHIL102Beginning Informal Logic 
PHIL103Introduction to Philosophy 
PHIL104Introduction to Knowledge and Value 
PHIL121Beginning Deductive Logic 
One additional Philosophy course 200-level or above, but not PHIL 202 or 231 

VII. Social or Behavioral Sciences

200-level or above; at least 3 credits 300-level or above  
Two courses in any combination of Black Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology 

VIII. Writing

WRIT301Research and Writing for the Major 

IX. Interdisciplinary Studies

IS400Senior Seminar 
Credit Totals 
Total Interdisciplinary Studies Program credits39-41 
Total Core Curriculum credits36-42 
Total free elective credits37-45 
Total credits for the BA in Interdisciplinary Studies120 


  • Courses taken to fulfill Required Core or Flexible Core curriculum requirements may not be used to fulfill Interdisciplinary Studies program requirements, with the exception of PHIL 102 or PHIL 103.
  • Courses taken to fulfill Interdisciplinary Studies program requirements may also be used to fulfill Teacher Education program requirements.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies majors planning to apply to a Teacher Education program should choose courses in careful collaboration with an advisor from the Teacher Education department.
  1. PHIL 102 may also be taken to fulfill the Flexible Core: Scientific World requirement.
  2. PHIL 103 may also be taken to fulfill the Flexible Core: Individual and Society requirement.
  3. Students who have already completed WRIT 302, WRIT 303, or WRIT 304 may substitute that course for WRIT 301.
  4. IS 400 and WRIT 301 may also be taken to fulfill the College Option Core: Writing Intensive requirement.

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